My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is influenced by a student-centered design through an inclusive classroom culture.

I believe it’s important to keep our students at the center, like consumers, when designing course outcomes, objectives, assignments, and assessments. Also, teaching our students how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable while giving them the space to grow. I curate my classroom to be a safe space where students can fail and practice being uncomfortable.

Specifically, I employ experiential learning through active learning techniques to get my students engaged and experienced. 

Teaching Experience

I teach a variety of courses across marketing, digital marketing, analytics, and consumer behavior.
Fall 2022

Digital Marketing

Spring 2022

Digital Marketing

Spring 2022

Individual Problems in Marketing

Independent Study
Fall 2021

Digital Marketing

Spring 2021

Consumer Behavior

Fall 2020

Digital Marketing


What my students say

"Ms. Hass was a wonderful professor! She explained all of the course material in a way that I could really understand and made it very interesting to me. After taking this course, I have realized I would love to have a career in digital marketing. This was by far my favorite class and professor of the semester! Also, my favorite marketing class I have taken at Texas Tech."
Fall 2020 Digital Marketing
"I always looked forward to this class each day this semester. Professor Hass really does a great job at covering the
material, and then having her students get hands on to bring it to another level. I especially enjoyed the in class
activities we did, and the certifications we completed throughout the semester. It is very clear that Professor Hass
genuinely cares about the well-being and future of her students. I wish I could take the course again, but am thankful
for the opportunity to take it with her.."
Spring 2022 Digital Marketing
"Best class I have taken in college so far. The class was run in a way that was enjoyable and valuable to learning the
objectives. I have learned more in this class because of group work than I have in any other course I have ever taken.
Spring 2021 Consumer Behavior
"This class was arguably my favorite class here at Tech. Each topic was very interesting and engaging, and she was a
fantastic professor who was knowledgeable about each topic. Each of our assignments was related to the lecture that
we were learning about that week, and each assignment was very helpful in understanding the topic of the week. I
liked the simulation that we did towards the end of the semester because it allowed us to sort of step into the role of
a digital marketer. This was also one of the most useful classes I have taken because I have felt lost with what I want
to do when I graduate, and this class helped me learn that I would be open to being a digital marketer. Overall, she
was a fantastic professor and she was always willing to help with anything (school, jobs, life, etc.) I loved this class
and had such a great experience."
Spring 2022 Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Analytics Course Design

As part of my time at Texas Tech, I had the opportunity to be a TEACH fellow. While completing TEACH, we were tasked with designing a course and the course I chose was digital marketing analytics.

I chose this course because not only am I passionate about digital marketing, I understand this course is a growing need requested by employers.

Check out my
reflective syllabus, sample assignments, sample lecture, sample PowerPoint, and sample course assessment. If you would like to see more of this course design I'd love to connect!